Wolke shoes

I made this website for a school project of ours in which we had to create and manage a company for a year.

Our idea was to custom paint shoes, some of them we designed, and some of them were for orders. We wanted to have a place where we can send people from our social media, fully control the experience there, and easily show and potentially sell our shoes. This is what our site is for.

On there we have a section for ordering sneakers with your ideas. Here you can find numerous ways to prototype and communicate your idea so we know exactly what we have to make. The other big section is the "showroom" area, which displays our designs. The project didn't allow for the use of a bank account for online payments, so we implemented a system where you click on a link to message us through Facebook Messenger.

With the design, we aimed for an easy to use, clean and repetitive layout, with big images and text. Most of the content is black and white, which makes the shoes pop and highlights their personality. To counter the lack of color and variation on the majority of the site, we have a lot of very fluid and pleasing animations.